Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey guys, it’s “My First Gameplay Glitch”!

Unfortunately, the PS3 version of Skryim is barely holding up after multiple hours of play, allegedly due to a major save bug that has been a well reported issue across the game-o-sphere. I can only assume that the above “Strobe Dungeon” bug is a result of this save data problem, but I can’t be sure. It does look kind of incredible and mesmerizing, but got worse over time, and once everything was strobing to a tune of pure insanity it was extremely difficult to play.

But, cool bug, bro. Now who’s up for the challenge of making Strobe Dungeon an actual game, hm?

UPDATE | Looks like YouTube user 23squidoo previously made Strobe Dungeon an art game in Skelthrus. Via @squidlarkin